Sigil and Visitation

by Howdy Persephone

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For years—though most of my stuff has been purely abstract--I've wanted to put certain events from my life to music. Not so much to score them or to evoke them (I sort of do that now and then anyway), but to do more literal representations--like Don Quixote riding into that flock of sheep. But every time I tried, the results were horrible. I'd say like, this chord is the moon, and this percussion is the trees--but then what? A chord and some drums. Then, in April, I read a little bit about Sigils. The idea, at least as I understood it, is to take a word of some personal significance, dismantle the letters of that word into component shapes (line segments, curves, angles, etc.), and then rearrange those shapes into a symbol that conveys--in an intimate and private manner--the (subjective) meaning of that word. Thus, the resulting arrangement--or Sigil--would convey meaning directly, bypassing all grammatical, syntactic, logical, and rational hang-ups. It seemed to me that I could apply this function to my little musical representations. The aforementioned moon’s single chord could become a progression; the tree’s percussion could be arranged throughout. Instead of literally painting the event, I’d paint its components, and then arrange those in time. Four such things are here. In the last track the guitar is the crow, landing heavily on an airport mezzanine, and then creakily taking off again, in apparent pursuit of a smaller bird (the flute). In the third track the string parts are snoring. And the tawny guitar is an odd dream. In the second track, the percussion is a stick dragging across a dry dirt road. Etc.


released May 31, 2017




Howdy Persephone Baltimore, Maryland

Formerly Cagey House and Kid Feardive

All proceeds from this site go to
House of Ruth

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